1. Why Music? What made you say I want to rap? 

I don’t know if I ever said the phrase “I wanna rap”…lol! The ability has always been in me. It was just a matter of me allowing myself to trust God to use my ability to rhyme. I grew up in church with a highly musically influencing family. Singing has always been that something that brought the family together. Understanding music at a young age and wanting to glorify God in something that I really enjoyed is what pushed me to want to be involved with music. Christian Hip Hop is almost like an oxy-moron to many. The scriptures combined with the new heartbeat of music helped me to write my experiences in a way that singing couldn’t allow me to express myself. Now that God has shown me how to collide the two worlds together (singing and Hip Hop), I’m enjoying this music even more.

2. How does it feel to succeed in something you’re passionate about?
1st for yourself, define the meaning of success. Is it selling a million records? Is it having sell out tours? Knowing that before you get started will assist you in enjoying what this industry is all about.

For me, I have experienced the highs and lows of this music industry. Although I haven’t sold a crazy amount of albums, it makes me feel good to know that I’ve made music that others feel. I’m a huge fan of many different genres which in turn makes me a fan of many different artists. To know that I have fans that enjoy my music in the same fashion of me loving my favorites, that’s what makes it successful to me. This is a God given gift and I will always cherish yet never misuse the talent that He has blessed me with.

3. Are you very satisfied with your career choice?
Satisfied is not even the proper description. I’ve always had a relationship with music. So, to be able to do the very thing that you have always loved is unexplainable. One of the most humbling feelings is to be able to see the face of someone that has been affected by the words you’ve laid down to music. Seeing the many comments from fans that live in your state to a third world country is so encouraging. 

4. What are some of the road blocks I should look out for while pursuing my career?
Your biggest road block is you. When you allow yourself to doubt the ability to accomplish what you’re in pursuit for, you’re slowing down the process to the finish line. No should believe in your career more than you. Be your biggest fan!

We know that money is a necessity in order to move towards being heard and creating a bigger fan base. Find creative ways to utilize what you have to work with. Don’t try operating beyond your means. Have a plan with the money that you do have to spend on your projects and avenues of advertisement. 

Haters! You are bigger than the comments. Don’t fall victim to the negative criticism that comes against what you want to accomplish. If the one that I rhyme about got talked about, lied on, mistreated to the point of being crucified, why would I be exempt from a little criticism? 

5. Can you give 3 specific positive career tips?
1st, Surround yourself with people that will be honest with you about your music and your actions. There’s something that I like to call “The Grandma Syndrome”. A grandmother will always support a grandchild. Even when they sound horrible, grandma will always say “Look at my baby, don’t he sound good?”…lol
2nd, don’t be swayed by every negative thing you hear. Your music is not for everybody. Not everyone is going to like your music. Accept that and move on with life. 
3rd, this should have been first. Keep Christ 1st and everything else will be taken care of.

6. How hard is it to manage a music career, a full time job, and have a family?
That’s a tough question to answer. For the majority of my music career, I’ve held down a full-time job. The majority of that time has been management positions, working some as much as 70 hrs a week (Spec's Music, Best Buy, Circuit City and presently IKEA). I’ve always asked God to help me to support my family in a manner outside of the music so that if or when the beat stops, I still have a job that supplies support for my wife and kids. I can't believe that I've been married 12 years this past October. I have a son that's in his 3rd year at UF and an elementary aged girl that needs me just as much as I need them. 

Only in recent years have I learned to balance the three. My family truly supports my music side of life. My job helps me to support my family. The music has its place and keeping Christ 1st gives me the opportunity to have my music, my job and my family mesh together to make one beautiful experience.

7. With CD sales declining how do you plan to evolve with the times?
In order to create a larger fan base in this new era of music is to be seen in as many possible internet outlets. It’s not about trying to put a cd in a store anymore. Now that the digital world has taken over, you have to be apart of the takeover. Not just with music sites but utilizing the avenue of social networks and personal websites will open extra doors for visibility. Lastly, there’s no better way for you to be heard than doing actual concerts.

8. How supportive is your family with your musical pursuit?
My family has been in my corner way before I even had a song on the radio. Anytime I come up with any ideas in the studio, one of the first things I do is send it to my sister, Rachel, to give me feedback. It’s weird to walk into my daughter’s room at night and hear my music playing while she’s sleeping. I receive overwhelming love and support from my wife, mom and everyone else in my family. It really helps me stay grounded and humble.
One person that I'm a humongous fan of is my brother Schife. He's one of the hottest producers pushin' music in the industry with a mean spit game.  When we were younger, we would freestyle for hours and hours. He's done tracks for/with Fat Joe, JoJo, Rick Ross, T-Pain, DJ Khaled, Jim Jones, Gucci Mane, Young Jeezy and so many more. We support each other but we keep the brotherhood connection ahead of our musical direction.
I really love my family. Every single one of my sisters can blow nicely (Erin, Amber, Aleyah & Rachel). Watching my kids, nephews and neices grow into some of those same talents is such a blessing to see. My mom is like the Mahalia Jackson/ Aretha Franklin of the family which is much of the reason we all love music and can't really live without it.

9. With one solo album released and you in the process of recording a new one what is next after this for you?
Man, I don’t know…lol! Being in tune with whatever God wants me to do is very important to me. I’m enjoying the process of putting this next album together. I’m also very involved with my home church, Spanish River Church in Boca Raton in the music ministry. Every avenue that God gives to use for my music, I’m going to try my best to give every bit of energy I have to offer.

10. How hard is the transition from group to solo recording artist?
Honestly, it was a weird transition for me. Being part of group that has been together for almost 2 decades is already an awesome accomplishment to me. So, to go from being with them everywhere to going out without them has been a change worth getting use to. Being by yourself allows you to see fans a lil' more intimately come out to celebrate your music. It has also pushed me from being in the background of 1Way to being in the spotlight. I didn’t realize that I talked so much until I started doing this thing by myself. I really love it either way because I enjoy the feeling of seeing people vibe while I have a mic in my hand.


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