Leader of the New School

by 2Edge

Released 2018
Eric Whitaker Publishing
Released 2018
Eric Whitaker Publishing
Vibe to this Boom Bap, east coast head banger that's infused with a Christ filled dialect from a South Florida emcee.
"The SoFlo Vet's in ya area"... 2Edge has been doing music for a few years. That's why this east coast flow comes thru so naturally. Leader of The New School is the 2nd single from his forthcoming project, Intentional. He has released one of the strongest bangaz for 2018 with the help of Hip Hop/EDM artist, DJ Morph on the 1's & 2's and production from Philly producer/emcee, Joshua Vann.

"In an industry of so many young musicians and new artists, the ones that have been around awhile have the job of leading them up the right path of knowledge. Although we are still willing to learn more, we can't be afraid to pass on something to those that has never done it before." In other words, We're giving you music you can live to!

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