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Artist: 2Edge
Album: To Whom It May Concern


Production: Smash Beatz
Label: Stagestalker Entertainment
Release Date: September 3, 2013
Social: @2Edge
Reviewed By: Rodney Davis (@RokDiesel)


Musical Notes:

It's been a long time comin' for fans of the 2-Dash-E-Dot, but the wait is almost over. 2Edge's latest album, To Whom It May Concern, drops September 3rd and promises to be the next step upward for Edge musically and lyrically. As always, 2Edge brings that feel good music, but this time he goes wide-range, delivering lots of different styles and sounds.


This is 2Edge's third solo project and the beat-merker is pulling no punches. Tackling many topics in his own way, he has teamed up with Smash Beatz for production, which gives the album a very fluid feel throughout. I was very impressed with the production and overall sound of the album. It's professional from beginning to the end, and the beats are very nice. Edge has put some deep thought, prayer, and reflection in this album. He is as real as ever and this is one thing that separates Edge from most rappers. He lets you in. Fans of 2Edge will not be disappointed.


Highlight Real:

"Til the End feat. Young Joshua"

2Edge teams up with Young Joshua to bring you the first single off of the project, which is out now. Til the End is a track that talks about perseverance, staying on track, and reminding us that we are in this til the end. Want some hip hop? Well, here ya go. Sit down and feast on a banger where Edge rips in strong and hard from start to finish with Young Josh bringing the hook. I would have liked a third verse on this one or a Young Josh bridge,but overall, this song goes hard. Edge gives that en-en-energy til it's all gone. Liking this one!


Bible in my pocket, foundation to stand on

Don't care to give you topics that's really random

Rather be specific from the Atlantic to the Pacific

If you get it 'cause man, now I'm feeling terrific

- 2Edge, "Til the End"


"Like I Feel It (Ooh Ooh)"

I like to call this one "Edge's Anthem." You want to know what Edge is about? All you have to do is check out this song. This is his mission statement. This one is in my Top 5 2Edge songs. The beat is raw with that high pitch vocal sample going in the background and nice drums. Smash Beatz outdid himself on this one. Edge communicates well on the lyrical side and has some very nice change ups. "Like I Feel It" is definitely one of my favorites off of the album.


"The Apology feat. Christopher Sears"

Oh man, this one is serious right here. 2Edge goes where most Christian rappers won't, where most Christians won't. Edge apologizes to those that have been hurt by Christians that haven't properly represented the love of Christ. Christians are so quick to judge and Edge tackles a topic that needs to be addressed. I definitely felt this one because it had me looking at myself and reflecting on where I have missed it. You have to check this one out. Awesome track.


Sometimes I forget that I was where you are right now

Don't know why I am judging you when my life ain't up to par right now

- 2Edge, "The Apology"

"iFall feat. Rachel Lewis"

 This song is a game changer and features the strong vocals of Rachel Lewis with a strong connect rap verse by Edge. The concept covers the fact that we aren't perfect but God loves us, has our back, and encourages us to get back up and continue on, run the race, and finish strong. It is an electronic dance groove, but it is so nice. Smash did his thing on this one. This is one of those songs that takes the album from good to great. Edge is reaching out to fans of all kinds of music on this album, and this song definitely shows the many abilities and skills of 2Edge.


"Not My Own"

Want some dub-step? This one goes hard. As soon as the track starts, it draws you in. Edge flexes on this song. The beat slowly builds until the hook and then it hits with that dub-step goodness. Lots of change ups and different tempos are going on throughout the song. Edge talks about the fact that our life is God's and that we are vessels and that we should trust our lives to Him. This song raises the level of the album a couple of notches. This one GOES HARD.


Check out some of these songs on 2Edge's Website:


Honorable Mention:

 To Whom It May Concern doesn't have an ounce of fat on it. Each song is different, but each song is put together very well. It is very easy to listen to the whole album, each song connects to the next quite nicely. Again, the production is top-notch.


"So Thankful" is another banger for the hip hop heads, exploring the thankfulness we should have for God. I really like this track. Epic sound.

"On Lock Now" is a bounce track that would be nice on a concert slow-mo video. This is one of those that switches the direction of the album to a fresh sound and again, the beat be bangin'. Bass heavy. Yep.


"Higher (We Lift Your Name)" is a praise song that will have you worshiping God by the song's end. Loved the sound and feel of this song. Edge does his thing on the hook. Great change up.


"The Greatest Feeling feat. Courtney Chadwick brings another crazy beat that will keep you listening over and over again. This is classic Edge, talking about his love of life in Christ. Definitely more feel good music right here.


Personal Songs:

"You'll Never Know (Momma's Tribute)"
2Edge honors his mother in song. This is a heartfelt song that really makes you appreciate your mom. Make sure you let your mom know how much you love her while you have her here. Never take her for granted. I liked this one because it really made me reflect on my mom. Edge's mom was very special. She left a great legacy.


"My Supastar feat. Courtney Chadwick"

2Ege honors his wife, children, family, and close friends. Nice vibe on this track. I was feeling this one, too.



To Whom It May Concern has strong potential to make noise in the CHH world. I love the overall direction of the album. I know 2Edge had fun making this, but I can also tell you that it is a very serious project. As stated before, you can tell the amount of work and prayer put into this was big.


This is the greatest work 2Edge has released. To Whom It May Concern is nothing short of professional and next level (like Candy Crush). This album is going to surprise a lot of people and expand 2Edge's fan base and influence in the CCH world. I would encourage all of you to check out the songs that he has posted on his site and to support this project. Also, post about it on your social networks. 2Edge is definitely an artist to get behind and support.


To Whom It May Concern is now available for Pre-orders on iTunes. "Like I Feel It" is an instant download when the pre-order purchase is made. Get it here:


The hard copy is also available on 2Edge's Website. Order it now here:


Attention fans of hip hop, EDM, dance, and the Holy Spirit - 2Edge is back with his best work to date - TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN. Hearing is believing. Listen carefully…you'll feel it when the record starts spinning. No stranger to the Christian HipHop scene, 2Edge had this to say in the intro, "3rd time around, no pressure. So happy to say its been a pleasure…" I gotta say Edge, the pleasure is on the listeners end. Once the cd goes in the car, it stays there. TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN will keep your neighbors staring as your trunk rattles down the street.


TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN will tickle the curiosity of fans of many genres. If you think you know 2Edge, if you think you've grown accustomed to his style of tracks, his vocals, his rhymes… think again. Each track feels independent of one another and it makes me want to know what's in his music library. What's this dude been listening to that made him come out with such a diverse album? Two things are very evident as you get from one track to the next, and 2Edge addresses it in "The Greatest Feeling" … Making music is our forte/We delivering to you what the Lord Say ... and I couldn't agree more with this coupling. Tracks range from styles such as classic underground hip hop beats, to some heavier, dare I say, gangsta beats, and flow into tracks that are very EDM inspired, and as if you haven't toured the genres enough, 2Edge invites his sister Rachel to help him deliver a solid dance track. No matter your mood, there is a track on this record for it.


I'm a firm believer in studying ones craft. To be a great emcee, you have to study your craft. Listen to a lot of other great emcees at their game. Every great artist of our time has always put their own heart and soul into what they do, but with them is bits and pieces of those who have influenced them over the years. 2Edge is no exception to this rule, and what he has delivered on TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN is evidence that he's done his homework. 


Too many MC's take that word "emcee" lightly, they can't Move a Crowd, not even slightly 1. 2Edge is one such emcee that knows what he is doing, and can move the crowd. The vocal prowess 2Edge delivers on TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN is some of the best in hiphop as far as I'm concerned. Click play on your iTunes, pop the cd in your car, whatever you have to do - put on TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN and listen for the following: sharp attacks, tight delivery, addicting hooks, and polyrhythmic couplets in some verses that seem to dance around a heavy downbeat (i.e. Like I Feel It, verse 3). Point blank - 2Edge can deliver a sonic assault of verbiage that goes against the grain but flows so naturally. 


The 2Edge that's throwing down joints like "Not My Own" (i.e. 2nd verse) and "On Lock Now" (i.e. 2nd & 3rd verses) is sending a very clear message. Aside from the obvious, being that he is a Christ following family man that has to wear a hideous yellow shirt to work - he is sending a message to the hip hop community that his style and abilities as a lyricist are stronger than ever, and trust me, dude can spit rhymes that'll make you rewind to make sure you can believe your ears heard it right.


Go get yourself a glass of water and some Ibuprofen … you're gonna need it for that pain in your neck after all the head thumpin' you're about to do.
Nicolas J. Bardisa
Music Fan[addict].
1KRS-ONE - MC's Act like they don't know


I've known about Second Wind for a minute, and when I heard it was coming I was nothing short of excited. Why? Well, one of my favorite Christian Rap albums in recent history is none other than 2Edge's While I'm Still Breathin' and I knew Second Wind would echo the sound of it's predecessor. Needless to say, I wasn't disappointed.

From the get go, the Midnight Run Intro bumrushes your eardrums with some Fred Junior production and in a short second, you are captured by Edge's flow. The electronical Florida sound shines right in your face and Edge lets us all know "why I do this music". Edge knows intros (Long Time Comin' off of While I'm Still Breathin') and this one definitely sets the mood for the whole album. 2Edge the MC flexes on this joint.

Remixes are abundant on Second Wind, but from an album like While I'm Still Breathin', it is truly a breath of fresh air. I will say my favorite remix track on the album is We Different (Hands Up) feat. Young Joshua, Butta P of Rhema Soul, DJ Morph & Fred Junior. If you are a Christian, you should be a new creation, you should be DIFFERENT, and the celebration of this fact comes through hardcore in this song. Edge and all the features pass the mic and deliver like the Postal Service on Christmas Eve. Notable remixes are Givin’ It Back To U feat. Juan Love of Rhema Soul & JusThoughtz, Why Lie (Today’s Scenario Remix) feat. Young Joshua & Eddie Nigma, and Why Lie (Stop Lyin’ Remix) feat. Urban D, Cheno Lyfe, Corey Hicks, Sonrize, G-Quinn & ILLumiNate. All the remixes are excellent, some with fresh lyrics, some with fresh beats, some with both, but all with head-bobbing heat. Guess Again is another hot one and features the producer, Tee-Wyla. Tee-Wyla is a newer producer and from what I can tell, you will hear more and more from him as time goes on.

Although there are many remixes on this album from the WISB (While I'm Still Breathin') album, Edge also includes new bangers and joints to let us all know he is still in creator mode like I’m All In (SRC Anthem), Alright, Independence Day, Forever Luv, and No Hook Needed. I'm Like Whoa... Yeah these are high caliber joints, and Fred Junior and Mpax make the beats rock nice.

Features, you ask? You see some of the line up in the tracks I have listed. Butta P and Juan Love of Rhema Soul, D-Maub, Young Joshua, DJ Morph, Eddie Nigma, and on and on... That is definitely a heavy hitter lineup on any HHH album. Edge always puts himself in good company and is a respected MC in the HHH Community with good reason. He's been putting it down for years. Excellence.

The message in Second Wind is typical of 2Edge. He lifts Christ high, giving God all the glory. Bouncing from topic to topic, he gives us fresh concepts to some of the key aspects to the Christian life. One thing I like about Edge's lyrical delivery is that he relates to all of us and connects dots that most Christian Rappers don't and won't. Each song is deeply thought through and crafted. Edge treats hip hop like a craft, and he the master craftsman, building the album one song at a time. I would recommend this album to any Christian Hip Hop head out there. Whether you are a 2Edge fan, a hip hop fan, or a holy hip hop fan, you will feel this album from start to finish.

Get it on iTunes now! Also check out 2Edge's website at

Rodney Davis (RokDiesel) is a hip hop producer, owner of RokNice Records, and manager/executive producer for the group Rekonciled (


2EDGE is a monster and has made me a believer. His flow is the truth, his beat selection was on point, the mix was easy on the ears, everything but the length of the album was right down my alley for me.

I was really feeling the throw back feel of “Back to You” and the high energy on tracks like “Long Time Comin’” and “Lady’s and Gentlemen” makes for a very rounded album. Add in features by Rhema Soul (got 5/5 on their review), Proverb from 1Way, Kdrama, Dj Morph, and Mac the Dolous (to name a few) makes for an album that breaks up the monotony.

All together, the album is just a little long. If it were shorter, it would hold my interest more. It’s not even that there’s any filler tracks, its just a little longer than I like. Still an amazing drop for real. A necessity for any real HHH fan!

Stand Out Tracks

•Back to You
•Long Time Comin’
•Ladies and Gentlemen


When a reviewer is asked to appraise an album in a sub-genre of hip hop that he doesn’t particular like, the charge is always a challenge but also a call to duty to be as neutral while keeping in mind the audience for whom it is intended.

The latest release from 2Edge carries with it a distinctive southern hip hop flavor, even when it suffers from the same old caricatured heavy synthesizers, whining loops, fast percussion taps, bass-modulated background vocals, rousing cheers, and screaming. But this of course is Southern hip hop, and rather than agonize as another gospel MC takes a crack at the genre only to fall two steps behind its secular cousin, it’s safe to say that 2Edge is successful in making us believe he’s at the forefront of the movement.

What’s good here is the production value. Rich, multi-layered beat instrumentals accompanied by inspired vocals flourishing over every track. Stand out tracks include “Lord Forgive ‘Em,” “Gracy & Mercy,” while “Jericho” (the single that’s received the most hype off the album and features Mark J and Mac the Doulos) truly is off the hook. I was also pleasantly surprised by “Feel Good Music” which boasts a Caribbean sound that shows it’s not all about dance-hall reggae south of Florida.

At times I had trouble with 2Edge’s delivery. Sometimes the verses were too static and wooden to match the faster paced instrumentals. Other times, he seemed laden by a sense of pleading in his voice, especially the way he vocalizes and stresses some of his words. “Hear My Prayer,” while heartfelt and deeply personal, was syrupy and the vocals seemed strained. 2Edge is definitely primed for the task when the tempo is quicker. The slower stuff was less structured rhythmically.

Other than a few tracks sounding similar, I did think there was enough variation here to keep the average listener occupied. My only concern is I just don’t know if you lined up 100 albums with notable Southern influence in front of me, if I would hear anything here that hasn’t been done before. Artists not only have an obligation to produce music that speaks to the people, but I also think that requirement extends to pushing the envelope towards both shaping and evolving their own genre. As I mentioned earlier, I think 2Edge is right there in the fray, rather than playing the back. And I’d like to see him move from creating a solid album to one that’s over the top. Nevertheless, I’d recommend While I’m Still Breathin’ as an album that can stand with much of what’s out there.

For fans of: Mark J, Pettidee, J Remy, Mac the Doulos

Artist: 2Edge
Album Name: While I’m Still Breathin’
Label: Stagestalker Entertainment
Release Date: 5-12-09
Genre: Holy Hip Hop
Tracks: 19
Links: 2Edge; Myspace; and Facebook
First Impression after hearing the CD: Scripture-Based Fire. I have heard the whole album 3 times over the weekend. From the get go, Edge let’s you know exactly what’s about to go down over the next 80mins - While he’s still breathing, this is for Christ.
Album Review: Let me start out by saying, Praise God for raising up Holy Hip Hop rappers like 2Edge. You can really tell that this was a labor of love for all involved in making this CD. I love hip hop music, and I appreciate every aspect of this album. The songs are deep, the beats are fire, the lyrics are scripture driven, the featured artists and producers are among the best in the genre, and God is glorified. You can’t really ask for much more in a foundation for a good Holy Hip Hop album.
2Edge takes us on a journey from start to finish that makes stops at many destinations covering the cross, holy hip hop, forgiveness, giving, the sovereignty of God, prayer, challenges to live the Word, and much more. All songs are effective and excellent; anointed and written to lift up Christ. I can’t stop listening to this album. It’s one of those that you can find something new every time you hear it. The Holy Spirit will use While I’m Still Breathin’ in ways I can’t even imagine. Again, Praise God.

Definitely buy this CD as fast as you can.

Track 1: Long Time Comin’ feat. DJ Morph
Producer: G-Styles
The first thing you hear after the CD starts is a “Welcome” from Edge and a G-Styles Beat that will melt your face. I mean this beat and lyric combination will get you ready to listen to what’s about to go down. 2Edge successfully draws you in and gets your attention. Flow is tight. DJ Morph scratches sick and gives it that raw hip hop sound. I can feel it - definitely a long time comin’. I love this intro. Definitely makes me want to hear more.
Track 3: We Different feat. K-Nuff & Proverb
Produced by: Fred Aviles

Edge, K-Nuff, and Proverb ask the question “are we different?” and follow up with a strong “yes”; separating themselves from the run-of-the-mill rappers and letting us know what they are about and that is Christ and Kingdom Building. These cats work their flow. Fred Aviles delivers a track that sets a serious mood and gets that head nodding while K-Nuff starts off a well-rounded verse comparing the things of the flesh to the things of the Spirit. Proverb then brings that classic, tight, original verse claiming a lifted flow for the cause of Christ and the cross, then 2Edge finishes it off making sure that we know the difference between Secular Rap and Holy Hip Hop, which is Christ and scripture based themes ,while at the same time showing us his excellent skills on the flow. I dig this song because the Christian Hip Hop cats (rappers and fans) need to know the difference between a scripture based hip hop ministry and positive rap. Don’t hide the message, SHINE IT.

Track 5: Back to You feat. K-Drama & Aimee Fahnestock
Produced by: G-Styles
OK, Saturday morning, the weather is 72 degrees, sun shining, middle of summer, you are driving to any destination and the track that completes this perfect scenario is Back to You. This beat by G-Styles delivers the feel good mood of a classic hip hop song while 2Edge cuts against the grain by talking about giving all he has back to the One who gave it to him in the first place in thankfulness; not talking about a few things, but ALL HE OWNS. The twist on this is the gratitude Edge portrays to God in his 2 verses for loving, saving, changing, and blessing him and wanting God to have it all back for His use and His glory. K-Drama shows up with a verse about contentment with what he has and reminds us that yes we have things, but the most important, like family, is what matters most and Christians are to be opposite of the world and to not rob God of His glory. On the hook, we have Aimee Fahnestock singing “Giving it all back to you” so effectively that it just seems natural. She adds a good element and change up to the song with some vocal adlib and a breakdown to close out the song. This song really hit me hard. We, as Christians, all agree with this, but do we all believe it? I need this song to keep me in check and at the same time put a smile on my face.
Track 7: Jericho feat. Mark J and Mac the Doulos
Produced by: Teddy P
“Let the horns blow, let your faith show, that the walls of Jericho’s comin’ down”
I love this song. Everything about it. Teddy P brings a feel-good, fun track that flows perfect with the hook. 2Edge drops some fire and let’s everybody know that Christian Hip Hop is a legit genre and ministry. He also adds the story of Jericho and incorporates scripture to display how powerful music can be when we just rely on God and his promises and do it for His glory. Mark J and Mac the Doulos back up the theme of the song with aspects of the Sovereignty of God and being part of the remnant that loves God and believes in His laws and decrees. I smile every time I hear this song because it covers so much area and it is so well put together that you can’t help but say hey, check this song out. This is the first single off of the album and well chosen. You can hear this song at 2Edge’s Myspace Page.

Track 13: Your #1 Fan
Produced by: Proverb and 2Edge
This track left me speechless after hearing it. The beat (by Proverb and 2Edge) is smooth and mellowed out and gives the song a finished sound while Edge covers an original angle by rapping from the aspect of the Christian hip hop fan (most Christian Hip Hop rappers were fans first). The influence Christian Rappers have on their fans is something that is never really talked about. This captures it. I mean it really covers it. The old generation of Christian rappers influences the new. I cannot wait for you to hear this. I can’t really tell you much else about this. If you are a Christian rapper or a fan, you will really enjoy this.
I encourage all of you Holy Hip Hop Heads to pre-order this album here. Support the Christian Hip Hop artists that are pouring their hearts into making powerful music and lifting up Christ and the Word.

Let's put all the cards on the table. 2Edge has got a voice you want to hear from song to song. He doesn't attempt to do anything that he can't do - which is why his flow is effective. Clarity and well spoken dialog are the order of the day. Occasionally there are those bars that are crammed to capacity with cleverly twisted syllables - but not so much that it becomes tiresome. Apart from very slight in and out of pocket experiences, 2Edge's vocals compliment his tracks with styles that are admirably appealing. Production is top notch from the likes of DJ Morph, Teddy P, G Styles, and Tony Stone to 2Edge himself. Notable features include Young Joshua, Eddie Nigma, K-Drama, Mac the Doulos, and Mark J.

If there was one word to describe this project and it's sound - it would have to be "big." Is it going to satisfy the average consumer? If above average is the only way I can describe the overall experience, then a simple "yes" would be the response. Having said all of that, you have to know, lyrically - this is not a genre defining album, and that's OK. If you are already a fan or are familiar with 2Edge from his involvement with the group 1Way, you will want to cop the album asap. While this must be a defining moment for 2Edge personally, as this marks his first solo release, it will be more of the same for many.

While I'm Still Breathin' breaks out of the starting gate with a bang. It makes you want to review the video to make sure that it didn't jump before the whistle blew. From the opening act to the credits, While I'm Still Breathin' meets the beginning to end requirements. You will not skip a song when you are introduced to the album. Long Time Comin' sets the tone and gives you a reasonable expectation of what you are about to hear. The next three songs kick the doors open and fortify the albums position without apology. Heavy kicks, heavy synth, analog basslines, distorted guitar riffs, and some raw bottom end makes the sonic experience "big" and test the limits of your stereo.

I don't want to finger wag or accuse the album of sticking to an overall style though. Just when you get comfortable with the raw dirty tracks found within, you will be happy to meet it's textbook, heavy hitting hip hop neighbors. 'We Different' feat. K-Nuff & Proverb is a banger straight up. 'Why Lie' feat. Young Joshua, Eddie Nigma & G-Notes is what I refer to as Dirty Big Band - rugged and motivational by nature, while 'Grace & Mercy feat. Break Bread is it's Hip Hop Big Band counterpart. 'Back To You' feat. K-Drama & Aimee Fahnestock has the commercial appeal without selling out. 'Jericho' feat. Mac The Doulos & Mark J will make heads nod for years to come. 'Let It All Go' (Album Version) brings Tony Stone's signature melodic ear candy to a track laced with a chorus that will make you think you are dreaming. Keeping things contextual, you will not go far without being reminded that Jesus is the reason. 'Who Do You Say He Is?' and 'Hear My Prayer' both give the listener time to catch their breath, while 'Your #1 Fan' will have you fondly looking backward to all of the artists that have touched you throughout the years.

If there is any fault to be found with the album it is with the song ‘Have Your Way’. I completely identify with the lyrics - but in my estimation it didn’t work. It was like a break between breaks and brought the album to a complete standstill. Had the song been in a different place, it might have changed my perception of it - but this is a minor side note in an album with a lot of value. To quote my trusty iTunes rating system, 4 of the 19 tracks hit the 5 star mark - 11 of which hit 4 stars respectively. Long gone are the days of only squeezing out a hit or two from an album. 2Edge's offering attempts to continue that trend and succeeds on most levels. The presentation, production, mixing and mastering are all of the highest caliber.

While I'm Still Breathin' is not the everyday impulse item you will find near the cashier before checkout. It is by all means an entry into a growing genre with many talented contributors. Heavy with the sound, a fairly distinct measure of milk and meat, a moderate amount of word play, a little something for everyone. It is a combination of the fresh and familiar all in one. I am not in the habit of sparing a believers feelings in the name of the Lord. 2Edge is a brother that I would encourage to keep doing what he is doing. Enough said. If he is not already on your radar - check for the blip. If you are a fan of any of the names mentioned in the review, chances are that you will listen to this again and again - at least until he gives us the next chapter.

written by Blue