2Edge & NVII: P.S. Let's Do It Again! - 2016

Breaking new ground, laying down a beautiful foundation for dance floors across the world with a hard hitting new Dance/House/EDM/Trap/HipHop collection of music with the help of EDM producer, NVII.


Artwork designed by Bryan Matthew Peck for Blue Design Media


1) P.S. Music You Can Live To [intro]

2) Lead Where You Are [NVII Remix]

3) Kingda Ka [Roller Coaster House Remix] feat. K-Drama

4) Energetic Mash Up feat. Rell & Tyler Cole of OGM

5) I Don't Know [TrapStep Remix]

6) Let It All Go [Festival Trap Remix]

7) We Ain't Gon Stop

8) Kingda Ka [Roller Coaster Ambient Trap Remix]


[All songs produced by NVII]

Quick News!

Intentional (Deluxe) is available NOW! it includes new songs No One Compares, Good Friday Revisited feat. Glimpse, Usta Be... Extended and Mic Affairs feat. Proverb Newsome!.

ChristianHipHop.com announced 2Edge to be #15 on their list of Christian Hip Hop Top 100 Pioneers and Ministers of the Gospel over the last 20 Years!

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