Listen to one of the most smoothest, unforgettable voice tones delivered in a heartfelt vibe over a blend of Hip Hop, Boom Bap, EDM, Dance, R&B and memorable melodies infused with a Christ centered dialect.

 1) We Ain't Gon Stop v.2

2) Leader Of The New School feat. DJ Morph

3) On Lock Now [NVII Transform Remix]
4) Alright x Okay
5) Usta Be
6) Climbing feat. Joshua Vann
7) Good Friday [You Did It For Me]
8) I'll Go [NVII Remix]
9) Hold Em Down feat. BigFil & Nak Daniels
10) No Cents feat. Jaida Thompson & Prominence
11) Intentional
12) Still Here
13) Never Letting Go feat. Anthony Ryan
14) You'll Never Know
15) Alright x Okay [NVII Grace Remix]
Songs produced by NVII, Joshua Vann, Smash David & Jaida Thompson

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Intentional (Deluxe) is available NOW! it includes new songs No One Compares, Good Friday Revisited feat. Glimpse, Usta Be... Extended and Mic Affairs feat. Proverb Newsome!. announced 2Edge to be #15 on their list of Christian Hip Hop Top 100 Pioneers and Ministers of the Gospel over the last 20 Years!

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